Bird watch tours

Everybody goes gaga over an animal safari in a forest , but imagine when they spot birds. It is very hard and one needs to focus with all his senses open to watch birds. Birdwatching is an art and requires patience and perseverance. At Bird watch Serbia, we provide bird watching tours that can help budding birders to find out the migrating birds in the area. Situated at the heart of Europe, Bird watch Serbia, has more than 100,000 square kilometers wide of land that consists of a diversity of habitats. That area can be accessible by anybody with a valid entry and consists of thick forest, dramatic mountain gorges and swamps. With thriving wildlife, the place is a hotspot for birds and an amazing place for bird watchers who can enjoy an entire day watching and finding the birds that they love and finding new breed of birds.

The birdwatching tours can range from one day to many days. The birdwatching tours are scheduled with date of arrival and even overnight stay and dinner at reputed places. A tour guide is always there alongside the group to help the birdwatchers find the migrating birds and have a fun time.