Bird protection in Serbia

Animals and birds are always an endangered species in this world. Protection of these is very important to conserve nature. There are a wide variety of breeding birds in  Bird Watch Serbia and about 140 species come under European conservation concern. This list includes five important species that are of global conservation concern. The species include, Ferruginous Duck, Lesser Kestrel, Imperial Eagle, Corn Crake, Great Bustard. Further there are 82 species in Europe that have status of unfavorable conservation.

The main threat for these species are hunting, disturbance and agricultural intensification. Hunting has been an age-old threat for birds whether they are usual or endangered species. The birds are hunted down for food or for feathers that are used commercially. Hunting is done by mankind or even by predators. Conserving and saving these birds from hunters and predators is a very big task.

Birdwatchers who get excited when they spot the birds, tend to disturb nesting birds and startle them making them fly away. Hence a basic bird watching etiquette is always expected to be followed by them. Also, agriculture intensification has made the places of stay of birds intensified with agricultural land. This has made the birds look for some other places to stay and have become endangered species.